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Publisher's Description is an quick and easy way for everyone to create a fun, personalized musical voice message and share it with their friends & family through a variety of social channels.

Do your first share using and open up the Happy Birthday music pack for free.

All music packs available at the lowest price for a limited period only.

Tap and slide the screen or use our new carousel slider to quickly browse and select the available music packs.

Choose a beat, a loop and an effect from the variety of choices and you have got your backing music. 

Record your voice over the top of your music and share it to your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS.

30 seconds is all you need to create that personal and fun greeting. It's quick and it's fun and gives you the chance to give your message a real voice.


Current music packs are:

- Melodio default pack

- Dubstep pack (like our facebook page through the app and open this pack for free)

- Happy Birthday pack (make a fun and personal greeting to your friends and family in style)

- Dance pack 


New and supplied to us by the legendary

- Reggae music pack

- Hip-Hop music pack

- Electro music pack

- Drum & bass music pack

- Dance party music pack


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