Magic Stave


by James Jeffery, Farnell Computer Services

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Magic Stave listens to you singing or playing an instrument and displays the notes played on a music stave and shows the note position on a piano keyboard or guitar fretboard. 


Automatically detects the key signature you're singing/playing.


Has a built-in tuner so you can see exactly how sharp or flat you are or tune your guitar to.


See for yourself in this YouTube demo [below]or search for 'magic stave'.


Use Magic Stave as a composition/ideas notepad as you can record detected notes as a MIDI file then export to GarageBand (or other sequencer) to hear it and see the music notation.


A brilliant tool for seasoned music professionals and beginners alike. Ideal for supporting you as you learn to read music or vocalists away from an instrument and want to know whether you're singing in tune.


Learning to read music and not sure whether the note you're playing is right? Magic Stave shows you the note you're actually playing and you can compare that with the sheet music you're reading to check you've hit the right note.


Are you a singer reading music? Magic Stave will display the notes you're singing so you can ensure you're hitting the right note! Magic Stave can tell you the key you're singing in too!


Ever wondered how high or low you can sing? Magic Stave will show you instantly. Works great with all transposing instruments too.


Magic Stave is now a MIDI recording note pad too! Just play/sing your idea while recording and import the midi file into any Sequencer/DAW like Logic or Sibelius [our emphasis].


Magic Stave:

★ Midi records detected notes.

★ Auto detect key signature.

★ Share Midi recordings via iTunes/Wifi/Website/Email

★ Note History

★ Displays notes on Grand, Treble or Bass Clefs.

★ Displays notes in any major or minor keys.

★ Displays notes on a piano keyboard.

★ Display notes on a guitar fretboard.

★ Displays note names and optional octave information,

★ Displays the frequencies of detected notes.

★ Cent Tuning Meter.

★ Transposes detected notes up to 12 semitones up or down

★ Will detect notes accurately and fast in the range C2 to C6

★ Allows the configuration of the reference A frequency (just in case your piano is not quite in tune!).


Works with iPod Touches if you plug in a microphone too. Note that this app detects monophonic sounds (not chords).


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