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Welcome to Lyrics World You can look up Lyrics World of any song on your iPhone/iPod play list in notime. It's very easy to use. You just need to launch 'Lyrics World' and play any song you want to listen to. You can listen to a song and read Lyrics World at the same time. Also, there is no limit of songs to add as long as it's on your playlist. You can watch any music videos related to your results on Youtube. Once you play the movie clip, your song on your iPod or iPhone will stop. Once the movie clip is over, the screen will come back to "Lyrics World". Enjoy Youtube clips while you search for lyrics. Note: All lyrics are provided by 3rd party sources and copyrighted by their rightful owners. We do not host or supply any lyrics and can not be held responsible in any way for content, copyright, service related issues. You are buying the lyrics searching application and not the lyrics. "Lyrics World" doesn't provide any lyrics in it. You are responsible for using the search result.

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