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Publisher's Description has a huge database of lyrics.

  • Search songs by keywords inside the lyrics or by artist name.
  • Share music lyrics on the web.
  • Tight integration with the Android music player.
  • When the song change it automatically download the lyrics and notifies you in the top bar.
  • To disable music player integration just press menu and go to "preferences."
  • Quickly browse all artists by name. Once you click in one artist it will show all song lyrics in a list.
  • Another cool feature is the 'Top Lyrics' button, where you can see the top songs that people have been bookmarking in the past day.
  • Bookmark songs and have them handy for later.
  • Also comment on song lyrics and rate your favorite ones.
  • Lyrics for all music tastes including Rock, Pop, Country, Hip-Hop music.

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