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This web app is an intriguing concept for anyone who’s ever wanted their own radio station — and perhaps also for bands to looking to connect with their fans through live studio broadcasts. First, you sign up for a one of four tiered subscription options, based on music storage requirements (5-20 GB) and audience size (anywhere from 5 to unlimited).  Once you’re all set up, you can broadcast your files live through any of the many available broadcasting apps for pushing SHOUTcast or Icecast streams. Alternatively, programming an unattended internet radio broadcast is as simple as uploading your MP3s.

evolver.fm review by Connor McKnight

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The future of radio is one driven by a growing long tail of experts and personalities which we go to for entertainment, discovery and current events.

The Loudcaster platform is a place for that long radio tail to flourish because we enable anyone to create a radio station and interact with their audience.

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