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by C3 Presents, LLC


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This is the official 2011 iPhone app for the Lollapalooza music festival being held in Grant Park in Chicago August 5-7, 2011. It is your official electronic guide to Lollapalooza. Features Include: - Line-up and Custom Schedule - See every artist playing Lolla and where/when they are playing and add them to your custom schedule, or sync your custom schedule with the Lollapalooza website. - Group Texting - Create groups with your friends using any phone types and stay in touch while at Lollapalooza. Send group text messages and conference call with your groups. Share your location on the map, plus artist info with your groups. - Lolla Radio - Programmed by our friends at Slacker Radio, tune into two stations - Lolla 2011 and the 20th Anniversary station, featuring artists from the last two decades of Lolla. Discover new acts before you get to Chicago. - iTunes Sampler - Celebrate Lolla's 20th Anniversary with a playlist of past performers from the 90's to today. Download the free 20-song sampler on iTunes now, enjoy the tunes and rock out every day until August 5-7. Only available for U.S. fans. - Artist Info - Click any artist name for a full bio and links to other artist content. - Map - Share your location with friends via group texting, pinpoint stages, see who is playing now, find food & beverage, and other can't miss stops. - Sharing - Share your map location or your favorite artists via group text, regular text messages, Facebook, Twitter, and Email. - Merch - Browse and buy all of your Lolla merch straight from your phone, and have it shipped straight home.

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