Logical Piano


by appscraft


Publisher's Description

Do not know how to play the piano, but always wanted to learn?
It seems that it needs to spend a lot of time and have an excellent ear for music?
Are you afraid that you have to learn tons of literature or hire a teacher?

Then our new game Logical Piano is for you! After 10 minutes you'll be able to play your favorite tune. And those you surprise your friends, family and even yourself!

Logical Piano is not a boring tutorial, its a game in which you rehearse 18 popular melodies. All you need is just a repeat keystrokes one by one.

~~~ Features: ~~~

- 18 songs, ranging from Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and ending by the famous passage from the Beethoven masterpiece.
- In subsequent updates numbers of tunes will increase.
- Only for $ 1.9 you get the HD version of the game Logical Piano, which will look equally good on the retina screen of your iPhone 4 and iPad.
- All the tunes that you will learn in the game, you can easily play on the real piano.
- The game has been translated into 10 languages.

Logical Piano perfectly develops memory and sense of rhythm. Perfect for both children and adults.

One Last Thing, this is the first application on the Appstore, in which you can open the lid of the piano.

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