by Tue Haste Andersen


Publisher's Description

Lis10er (pronounced "Listener") is a sound art installation that works by mixing sounds recorded from the microphone with sounds contained in the app. 

Use Lis10er at home, on the street or when waiting at the bus stop. To really enjoy Lis10er you need a bit of time, not just one or two minutes. Start Lis10er, sit back, relax and start listening.

Lis10er is an application that places the emphasis on the surfaces of the world in which we live. It has been developed keeping in mind the issue of "environmental lis10ing" in everyday activities, like traveling, walking, reading. The app interconnects places, everyday situations and sonic awareness.

Lis10er promotes a creative mode of lis10ing.

The sounds contained in the app has been composed by the U.S.O. project, implementation by Tue Haste Andersen.

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