Linkin Park Revenge


by Tapulous


Publisher's Description

It's Time For Another Linkin Park Revolution.

To celebrate the release of "A Thousand Suns", the fourth studio album from the multi-platinum, genre-defining Linkin Park, Tapulous is proud to announce the arrival of LINKIN PARK REVENGE.

Featuring 10 of the band's biggest and most beloved songs, LINKIN PARK REVENGE is the latest featured-artist release in the wildly popular Tap Tap Revenge series, joining a long list of hit titles including Metallica Revenge, Nirvana Revenge, Kings Of Leon Revenge, and more.

In LINKIN PARK REVENGE, you tap the sequence of targets as they race down your touchscreen, racking up big points and unlocking special scoring bonuses and power-ups as the music of Linkin Park blasts in your ears. The app features all new, specially designed themes based on the graphics and iconic imagery of Mike Shinoda and the band, an eye-popping visual experience that bursts out of your screen.


Including 4 brand-new tracks from their latest album "A Thousand Suns":

  • The Catalyst
  • Waiting For The End
  • Wretches And Kings
  • Blackout
  • New Divide
  • What I've Done
  • Bleed It Out
  • Numb
  • Faint
  • One Step Closer

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