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[Press release] San Francisco – Announcing today at Tech Crunch Disrupt, LetsListen is officially launching into open public beta. LetsListen is a social cloud music locker that lets users chat with friends and listen to music together in real-time. Users can store and play their music library online, and notify their Facebook/Twitter friends to join their room where everyone hears the same music at the same time.

Compared with other group listening services, LetsListen is designed to provide a more casual real time listening experience.  

As with typical cloud music lockers, users are able to listen to their music library privately.  However, with LetsListen, users can easily switch into “Public” mode where friends are allowed to join their room and listen with them. 

Users that are playing their own music while in “Public” mode are the sole ‘DJ’ and ultimately in full control of the play queue. Other users in the room are able to suggest songs from either their own library or the DJ’s.  If a song suggestion is made, the DJ gets a message asking if he would like to allow the song being added to the queue.  This unique feature of LetsListen allows users to share music and engage in a truly real-time group listening experience.

LetsListen is free to use and requires no registration process by simply allowing users to log in with their  existing Facebook or Twitter account.  This allows LetsListen to act as a powerful fan engagement tool for artists, celebrities, and DJ’s.  By using the service, artists, celebrities, and DJ’s can post a share link to their room and chat and listen to music with their fans in real-time.  Additionally, artists can play their own music in the room, and influence users to purchase the music through the integrated buy links. 

By combining a music locker, group listening and deep social media integration, LetsListen provides a powerful platform for music discovery.

Simply upload music and invite friends for a real-time listening party.

LetsListen was founded by Cole Flournoy and has been in development for nearly 1 year. The company was in private beta for four weeks before the transition into public beta. Cole recently relocated to San Francisco from Richmond, VA. He said: 

"It is so much fun to be in a room and listening with friends, especially being 3000 miles away. LetsListen has provided an opportunity to not only listen and chat with friends in a lifelike setting, but meet new friends and discover music. I have already been turned on to a local San Francisco band, and love them. LetsListen really has the ability to connect people and music."

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