Learn Guitar Beginner's Guide


by KoolAppz


Publisher's Description

In this guide, you will learn which guitar techniques really work and which ones don’t. You will know which simple and easy to learn tricks will be right for you and which ones you need to wait for. You will learn that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive lessons. With time, practice and patience, you can become the next guitar pro. Here are the chapters included inside the book: ? Chapter 1 – Unleashing the Guitar Hero in You! ? Chapter 2 – Guitar Basics ? Chapter 3 – Guitar Positioning and Tuning ? Chapter 4 – Ways to Tune Your Guitar ? Chapter 5 – Playing Notes and Chords ? Chapter 6 –Scales and Playing Your First Song ? Chapter 7 – Practice ? Chapter 8 – Before You Buy Your First Guitar ? Chapter 9 – Purchasing Your First Guitar ? Chapter 10 –Buying a Guitar Online ? Chapter 11 – Earning Money with Your Guitar ? Chapter 12 – Conclusion

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