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by New Media One Web Services


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The ultimate free app for keeping up with everything Lady Gaga, a must have for all Lady Gaga fans! NOTE - For even more push notifications and NO ads, download the $.99 pro version of this app. The following features are included: * Up to the minute news from Lady Gaga's official website * View Lady Gaga's official Twitter feed * Twitter stream from other users who mention Lady Gaga * A Twitter App Wall just for users of this app * Post to Twitter from within the app * Wallpaper images - search the web for images, and then save them to your device or set them as your wallpaper * iTunes preview and links to every Lady Gaga song, with optional push notifications when new songs become available * Embedded automatically updating links to the official Lady Gaga YouTube channel * Embedded automatically updating links to YouTube Videos featuring Lady Gaga The developers of this app are not associated with Lady Gaga, we are fans, just like you, and this simple app collects all it's up to the minute content from publicly available online sources. We are looking for new ideas and ways to make the app even better, so please visit and let us know what you'd like to see added to the next version of the app.

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