Konkreet Performer


by Konkreet Labs


Publisher's Description


PERFORMER is a revolutionary way to control your laptop's music software. 

PERFORMER uses a shape that is a visual representation of the sound, which you can sculpt using multitouch and gestures, giving a completely new and dynamic method of musical expression.

- It does not generate sounds by itself. It is a controller!

- It controls your synth and DAW via OSC messages over your iPad wifi connection

Features include:

- Multiple visualisation options: From simple connections to orbital rings to star fields

- OSC output: A huge number of messages sent out with every touch, endless possibilities to map the visuals to your synth and DAW

- Ribbon controller: Supporting multiple touches

- Multiple snapshots: Save the shape of your music for instant recall during performance

- Multiple banks: Allows rapid switching of visuals and behaviour without leaving the performance screen


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