Kinderlieder Karaoke


by Xplore it! Moretto & Ketzler GbR


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"Texts and melodies of well known children's songs - karaoke songs for children Texts and melodies of well known children's songs - the app for all the families who love sing together. *** There is a bug when you first start the app. They should start at the second work *** Text problems are a thing of the past with kids karaoke songs. Beyond contains the app, of course, the right tunes. Then the singing with or for the small to the great fun - perfect for all parents, grandparents and Kindergarten teachers. Text and music of the following songs are: "All my ducklings" "It dances a Bi-Ba-bogeyman" "The monkeys race through the woods" "Bird fly high" "Hansel and Gretel" "O du lieber Augustin" "My hat has three corners" "Hoppe hoppe Reiter" "All the birds are already there" "If a bird flew" "In March, the farmers' "Summ, summ, summ" "A little man stands in the forest" "I'll go with my lantern" "Lantern, Lantern" "Matt the small" "The hiking is enjoyable" "Bye baby bunting" "Do you know how many are little star" "The moon has risen" "The moon has risen (More Christian verses)" "Brother Jacob (German, English, French)" "Brother Jacob (Italian, Spanish, Dutch)" "Old MacDonald had a farm"" (TRANSLATED FROM GERMAN)

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