JukeboxHero - The Social Jukebox & Remote Control Music Player


by App Factory


Publisher's Description

♫ Transforms your iTunes music library into an interactive Jukebox

♫ Allows friends to queue up songs using their iPhone or other mobile devices

♫ Shares the party music experience through Facebook and Twitter

★★★★★ - Jukebox Hero is the Ultimate Social Music Player for Your iTunes Library


== Start Me Up ==

Use the existing music library on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to create a Jukebox in seconds with just a few taps. Once your Jukebox is up and running, your friends and guests can connect to your Jukebox, view your music library, and begin queuing up songs to play.


== Boogie Wonderland ==

What’s your Party Rock Anthem? With Jukebox Hero now you can let everyone know. Download, install and join your party’s Jukebox to begin adding songs and your own personal flavor to the party experience.


== Me, Myself and I ==

Jukebox Hero works great at parties and events, but it also works well in other places. Use it at home as a remote music player when you just want to kick back to your favorite tunes without having to get out of your seat.


== Sharing The Night Together ==

Show your friends on Facebook and Twitter that you’re the ultimate party DJ using Jukebox Hero’s built-in social sharing features. Let people know what songs you’ve discovered or invite your friends to join your Jukebox and join in on the fun.


== Just Can’t Get Enough ==

♫ Can’t wait for your song to play? Use the “Play Now” feature to interrupt whatever is on and get your groove on.

♫ Manage which users have access to your Jukebox using a simple pin number authentication method.

♫ An easy to use dynamic token system prevents queue abuse and ensures that the party keeps rocking.


== With A Little Help From My Friends ==

We take support seriously. A comprehensive and unique help section is integrated into Jukebox Hero, and we have real people that are here to answer your questions to make sure that you’re running smoothly. Talk to us on Twitter, Facebook, or by email.


== Key Features ==

· Jukebox Server and Remote – All in One App


== Jukebox Mode ==

· Leverage existing iTunes music library to play back songs on your mobile device when in Jukebox Mode

· Unique retro Jukebox skin

· Make a private Jukebox with a PIN code

· Dynamic token system to manage Jukebox queuing power.

· Invite friends to join the party via Facebook & Twitter


== Remote Mode ==

· Automatically find nearby Jukeboxes

· Queue up songs in Remote Mode for play in 3 ways: Add to Queue (normal); Play Next (add to queue position 2); Play Now (interrupt current song and play immediately)

· View a chronological playlist of all songs that have been played and queued, and by whom

· Browse and queue up music by popularity, artist or song title.

· Tap on an album cover to purchase the album or track from the iTunes store

· Share your song selections via Facebook & Twitter


== Device Requirements & Compatibility ==

· iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch 3rd and 4th Generation, iPad, iPad 2, iPad (3rd Generation), iPad (4th Generation), iPad mini - with iOS 5 or above

· To operate a Jukebox and remote together, a minimum of two devices are needed (1 for Jukebox, 1 for remote)


Developer Website: http://www.app-factory.com

App Website: https://www.facebook.com/JukeboxHeroApp


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