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What is Jamplify?

We believe that existing fans are the most powerful marketing force for anyone seeking new fans. Recognition, engagement, and rewards are powerful incentives to motivate fans to spread the word. Jamplify is a promotional platform where Content Creators can reward their fans based on the amount of traffic the fans drive to their content. Promoters are assigned unique links for a Content Creator’s particular jampaign, and Jamplify tabulates the number of unique people that each Promoter drives to the content.

Who can promote their content on Jamplify?

Jamplify’s promotional engine can be used by anyone with content such as a recording artist, filmmaker, or Youtuber, who wishes to harness the the promotional power of their existing fan base to get the word out.

Why do people promote on Jamplify?

REWARDS: Content creators offer unique rewards (“ScratchBacks”) to fans based on the amount of traffic the fans drive to the content.

LEVELS: Fans can achieve greater levels of fandom based on the amount of traffic they are able to drive, ascending the ranks from Fan to Diehard.

How to Launch a Jampaign

Click the orange, “Launch your Jampaign” button on the home page or in the header of any page on Jamplify. This will take you through the simple process of creating your Jampaign. Log in with Facebook, create your artist profile, input how many days your Jampaign will run, and specify the ScratchBacks you’ll offer to your Top Promoters and the criteria for earning those ScratchBacks. Then upload your content (MP3s, Youtube videos, and artwork). Once Jamplify approves your Jampaign, we’ll send you an email so that you can let your fans know to start promoting your content.

How to Promote Content

On a Jampaign page, click the blue button that says “Log In To Promote this Artist.” Log in via Facebook, and be sure to click “Allow.” Once you’ve logged in via Facebook, click the orange button that says “Promote this Artist.” This will generate a post to your Facebook wall, promoting the Artist. You will also see your unique link below the orange button, which you can use to promote the Artist via Twitter, Facebook, email, and any other channels. Every time a unique person clicks your link, you’ll earn points for that Jampaign. Earn enough points, and you can receive ScratchBacks from the Content Creator.


ScratchBacks are rewards offered by Content Creators in exchange for promoting. Artists will specify unique criteria for earning ScratchBacks. Content Creators may offer ScratchBacks based on relative rankings of Promoters (e.g.: The Top 10 Promoters will receive a phone call from the band) or based on absolute achievements of Promoters (e.g.: Every Promoter that generates 25 hits or more will receive exclusive access to the artist’s next release). Content Creators will contact Promoters to arrange fulfillment of the ScratchBacks after the end of the Jampaign.

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