iTrip Controller


by Griffin Technology


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This app works with the $50 iTrip FM Transmitter.

Publisher's Description

The perfect partner for Griffin's newest iTrip FM transmitter. iTrip™ Controller makes the newest version of the world's most popular FM transmitter even easier to use with your iPhone or iPod touch. Plug in Griffin's new iTrip and use your iPhone or iPod's Multi-Touch Display to tune, scan for clear frequencies and display the current station iTrip is using to play your music wirelessly on your FM stereo. SmartScan finds frequencies with the tap of the screen, or you can use iTrip Controller's big friendly knob to tune in. Includes three user-programmable pre-sets so you can recall clear frequencies with a tap of the screen. Put all that screen space to work whenever you use your iTrip with iTrip Controller. • Control iTrip from your iPhone or iPod touch • SmartScan finds the best stations to use with iTrip with the push of a button • iTrip Controller only works with iTrip models introduced after September 2009

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