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Everyware Wireless Sync solves the problem of media sync for devices outside the exclusive Apple iTunes ecosystem. With Instinctiv your library isn't bround to any device or subject to storage constraints. Listen to your whole library at home, work or on the go in the Instinctiv Player.

Instinctiv Shuffle can take control of your musical journey to create smarter smart playlists for any mood by learning your musical preferences as you listen to and interact with your music. The more you play, the smarter it gets. Instinctiv compares recorded samples against the largest catalogue of song fingerprints in the world to come up with the right track, even in the noisiest bars.

Available on desktop and mobile, Instinctiv Identifi also allows you to keep track of where you find your music and follow your path of music discovery. As you listen to your music, Instinctiv learns your musical preferences and intelligently organizes your music library to make it easier to find the songs you want. Through our "fuzzy search" technology, the player is able to correct for misspellings and deliver better, faster search results.

Tell your friends what you're listening to and where with built in scrobbling to, Twitter and Facebook status updates, Tumblr audio posts and Foursquare check-ins right from the Instinctiv Player. Instinctiv Music Player For Android: Instant access to your entire music library from anywhere on your Android device Instantly have access to your entire music library on your Android device.

Paired with Instinctiv Music Player for Mac and Windows, Instinctiv Music Player for Android automatically imports your whole library of songs and playlists from iTunes, Winamp and Windows Media Player on your desktop.

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