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Instant Lyrics quickly finds the words to any accurately tagged song on your device. No matter how new or old the song may be, Instant Lyrics uses the id3 tag to search the web and find your lyrics in any language you want. If you're tired of wondering what artists are singing, click "┬ůMore" to learn why you should download this App today. * Lyric websites opens on Safari How many times have you listened to one of your favorite songs and had trouble understanding the words? Now with Instant Lyrics on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, you have the most powerful song lyrics search engine available on the App Store in the palm of your hand. Take Instant Lyrics wherever you go and, as long as you have accurate id3 tags, you'll find your lyrics lightning fast. Instant Lyrics is the first app to offer such a wide lyric pool to because it searches thousands of websites instead of relying on a limited database. Since Instant Lyrics has such vast resources, it can easily find even the most remote or unheard of song from the World Wide Web with a single tap of your finger. Instant Lyrics features include: * One touch lyric search * Finds lyrics for iPod music tracks * Searches through tens of thousands of lyric sites to locate your song lyrics * Will locate lyrics for any song in any language * Will find lyrics for any iPod track that is currently playing * If no track is currently playing, you can choose a track and do a lyric search without having to play the song saving precious time. Song lyrics can be so confusing to try and interpret; but with Instant Lyrics on your device, those days of mumbling your way through an unfamiliar song are long gone. You will also never have to fake a coughing fit so no one will realize that you don't know all the words; and karaoke will be fun again; not only for you, but for everyone listening to your version (The right version!) of the words. The lyric police can rest easy knowing that you've got the right words, and won't need their help. With so many songs with forced rhyming going on, it's never been more difficult to actually listen to the words of a song and make sense of them. With Instant Lyrics on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, you'll have everything you need to make it through any song, confident in every word you sing. Download Instant Lyrics now and learn an old song in a new language. Whether you want to sing in French, German, Italian, or just about any language you can think of, all you need to do is bring the talent, and let Instant Lyrics provide the words. Please Note: Some of the websites found may have pop-ups. Usually once you close the first pop-up, will not see another one for some time after that. Enjoy.

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