The Infinite Music Machine


by Future Audio Workshop


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Inspired by their joint performance at the FEED soundscape in Berlin, ”The Infinite Music Machine” is an iPad application that brings together the work of sound artists Juju and Jordash with the liquid projections by Paul Skawinski.

The app was developed by the team at the Future Audio Workshop. Besides enjoying the sound and visuals, user can also set the length of time the iPad generated version of the performance, from 1 minute to infinity. All that is left is to zone out and drift away – says Gavin from FAW.

Juju & Jordash Present: The Infinite Music Machine

An immersive digital journey into the analog world of Juju & Jordash.

On the 24th of February 2012 at Berlin's Feed Soundspace, Juju and Jordash gave a live improvised performance, accompanied by artist Paul Skawinski's liquid projections. The application takes their muliple layers of analog recordings and randomly combines them to produce an infinite music machine. An experiment on continuing randomness in the analog and digital domains.


- Randomly auto generates music derived from Juju & Jordash's live performance. - Liquid visuals by Paul Skawinski. - Randomize the audio and visuals using the randomize button. - Set the length of time the machine generates audio and visuals: one minute to ∞

* Some users are reporting no sound, please make sure the iPad mute/orientation lock switch is in the off position *

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