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by Knowledge Innovation Technology Ltd.


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iMelody.FM Cloud is an online cloud music service based on our professional iMelody.FM platform. It provides you with the best way to manage your music library, enjoy your music tracks everywhere, and you will never bother to lose them or transfer them any more! Why iMelody.FM? *Full web-based interface, just a web browser is all *Upload only once, you can enjoy it or download them anytime at any place *All your tracks are stored in our cloud storage dedicated to you and well backuped. You would never worry about any 'Bad Luck' things happening *because, you are so lucky to have the iMelody.FM Cloud! *Our cloud computing technique will automatically correct your track information while you are uploading them. Even if there is no way to find the *right information, you can simple click and correct the information by yourself. Again, only once in your life, this track will always show the *correct information! *Once you create the playlist, it is yours. I mean, where ever you open your account page, they are there waiting for you! Enjoy it!

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