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NOTE: iLift Universal requires iOS 4.3 or greater, and so it does not support the iPhone 3G or early iPod Touch devices. Please use the classic version of iLift if you have one of these devices.

iLift is the easiest way to learn music from recordings. It allows you to slow down music, change the key, and loop. Whether you're learning a fiddle tune, lifting changes for a gig, or playing along with classical recordings, this app will help you develop your listening ability. iLift has a simple interface with no instructions so that you can spend your time learning music instead!


— Slow down to 50% of original speed and speed up to 150% without losing pitch
— Raise and lower key by up to 12 semitones
— Rewind and Fast Forward like a tape player
— iOS4: Import songs from iPod library or iTunes Drag and Drop
— iOS4: Import songs from Mail or other applications like AirDrop
— Import songs from computer via Wi-Fi
— Adjust fine tuning for out of tune recordings or instruments
— Loop sections or entire song
— iPad: Save multiple loops
— See waveform of song
— iOS4.2: Stream songs via AirPlay
— View tag and edit tag information within the app
— Add a note to songs
— Support for MP3, Unprotected AAC, AIFF, and WAV files

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iPhone & iPad $9.99 None
Requires iOS 4.3 or later

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