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iConcertCal brings you a personalized concert calendar making it easy to find out when your favorite bands are playing shows in your city. Supported countries only include: United States, United Kingdom and Canada. This app gives you many ways to find concerts. Any artists in your music library that are playing in your area are displayed in the "My Shows" tab. A separate tab allows you to browse through all concerts in your city. You can also browse by venue and sort by distance or name. Turn the app on it's side to see a full calendar month view making it even easier to find shows on a particular day of the week. Your "My Shows" list is visible on one side and all shows are on the other. Each concert has: a link to purchase tickets; sn email option to send a reminder or notify friends; a built in map to the venue with directions; links to the iTunes store allowing you to preview artists; an option to add artists to your personal list on the fly. Locations and search radius can be set in the options tab. Easily add additional locations and switch to see concerts in other cities.

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