iBeams - Interactive Effects and Music Visualizer


by Gedalia Pasternak


Publisher's Description


Time for a trip? iBeams is a interactive procedural special effects system, pending FDA approval as a mind altering substance. Create and manipulate hypnotic beams of plasma, lightning bolts, squiggles, lasers, swirly swarms, flames of light, geometric shapes, sine waves, color spray, and other psychedelic shapes. 

Touch the screen and watch the beams follow your fingers. Pinch, zoom and tilt to control motion echos traveling off into infinity. Shake your iPhone/iPod touch to change colors.

Turn on your music! iBeams can respond to anything your microphone hears. Sound intensity appears as gray, red and green circles. Build your own music visualizer by connecting different controls to the microphone.



◆15 different core effects that will follow your fingers.

◆Over a dozen editable parameters: adjustable width, speed, density, noise, texture map.

◆Control Motion blur strength, spin, zoom, scale, and warping parameters to distort the imagery over time. 

◆Kaleidoscope action to create beautiful images with symmetry

◆A unique controller framework, all the various parameter can be controlled procedurally. (just tap the name of the parameter button). The parameter value can then be based on the microphone input, sine wave or various types of noise. 

◆Save your setting. made something cool save it for later to show your friends.



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