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iArmonica is a wonderful and unique sounding instrument you can play on your iPhone/iPod touch. Invented in 1761, the Glass Armonica was called Benjamin Franklin’s magical musical invention, also his favorite, causing young ladies to swoon and apparently drove them wild with its hypnotic sounds, some calling it the aphrodisiac of musical instruments. It was used by Franz Mesmer to mesmerize and captivate his patients. It originally consisted of 37 glass bowls tuned by size, mounted one inside each other with cork on a metal spindle. The exquisite ethereal sound it produces resonates around you due in part to the way humans perceive and locate ranges of sounds from 1,000-4,000 hertz, which coincides with the sound range where the brain is 'not quite sure' and thus we have difficulty locating it in space. The word "Armonica" is the Italian word for "Harmony". Beethoven, Mozart, Händel, Strauss, and more than 100 composers composed works for the glass harmonica. All sound samples for iArmonica, as well as the menu music (Mozart’s Adagio) are provided by nationally acclaimed artist Dean Shostak using a real glass Armonica. Features: Beautifully detailed animated graphics; High quality sound sampled from recordings of a real glass Armonica; Multitouch for playing multiple bowls simultaneously; Zoom and pan controls, so you can customize the display on the fly; Notes overlay which can be toggled off and on, to assist in learning to play the glass Armonica; Several songs transcribed and accessible from the main menu

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