I Am Serj


by savageApps


Publisher's Description


Remix, Rediscover, and Share the music of Serj Tankian.

Serj is best known as the vocalist and songwriter of the rock band System of a Down. He's ranked by Hit Parader among the Top Metal Vocalists of All Time.

Now you can remix the tunes from his 3 solo albums, including his newest release Harakiri. Create your own songs or explore the world renowned hooks of this master songwriter. Serj has opened the doors for you to a powerful new way to create music. WIth I Am Serj, Anyone can make great rock.

NOTE: You must unlock all gems to enable sharing to Facebook.

  •  Universal, including the new iPad.
  •  5 magic gems.
  •  Double tap gems to swap them.
  •  Pulse Tap feature to slide gems instantly.
  •  30 packs of loops to choose from.
  •  Billions of loop combinations! 
  •  Control the volume and pan of each track.
  •  Fade All feature can fade the song in or out.
  •  Control the Tempo & Pitch of the song.
  •  16 presets to save your favorite combos.
  •  Export songs as MP4's.
  •  Share songs on Facebook
  •  Create custom ringtones. 
  •  Discover new grooves with the Randomizer.
  •  Unlock free premium loops through Facebook.
  •  Featuring world class loops provided by Warner Brothers Records and Serjical Strike Records.


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