How to Rap


by Daft Arts


Publisher's Description

This App literally has hours, weeks and months, years even of researched information that is proven to Improve Rap Skill and help others Learn How To Rap. 

Picking up tips listening to your favorite artist is helpful but if your anything like us - What you need is something you can study on your own and already has the answers to all your How To Rap questions.

After working with this app, the basic rap fundamentals will become second nature as they did for J Mill and so many others. By fundamentals, we mean things like rhyme schemes, patterns, hooks and songwriting techniques. These same Rap Basics will improve your rap skill to exceptionally well levels. We know first hand these techniques work.
Discover fresh new flows, styles and Rhyme Schemes that have yet to be used. (This will be super easy after reading this manual) 

Are you spending late nights and long hours searching for tips on how to rap better? - Having trouble trying to figure out what works and what doesn't? Search no more - All the research has already been done for you and put into one simple easy to use App.

Hundreds upon Hundreds of Rhyme Schemes, Styles and Flows. 
Rap Tips and Techniques.
Poetry and Grammer lessons that help rhyming ability.
Learn how Tone & Pitch effects your lyrics.
Do You know how Grammer impacts your raps?
How to find and come up with metaphors.
Learn about inner rhyme (A rhyme style Tupac and many artist of today use on a regular basis) And Over 25 other ones you can add to your rhymes right now.
Learn what power positions are within your verse.
What lines of any lyric section are natrually strong?
Are you writing your lyrics in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd person narrative?
What consonants give you a quick sharp sound when added to your lines?
Learn about word connections and letter sounds that will enhance your flow. And much, much more......

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