How Musicians Get an Edge


by KoolAppz


Publisher's Description

Do you ever wonder why some musicians make it in the music industry and others don't? We've all heard great bands that never even made it off the ground! Where did they go wrong? The truth is they didn't cover all their bases. You can be the greatest musician in the world, and it won't get you anywhere if you don't understand the business.

That’s why, this guide is to teach the 4 P’s of the music industry. Whether you are an amateur or professional musician, you must master these four areas, or you're wasting your time. The 4 P's of the music business are the 4 areas you must master, in order to be successful as a music artist.

They are:

  • Playing
  • Performance
  • Promotion
  • Production

Nail down all four of these and you'll be successful. Why? ...because there really are no other variables. Of course, that doesn't mean you'll be an international star, but if you want to work hard to create music that inspires and excites people for a living, the four P's are all you have to worry about.

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