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Herd.fm gets to know you by analyzing what you’re listening to on iTunes and what you’ve shared on Facebook.

Herd.fm then displays the music that is currently most popular with you that you can share as playlists or customize to suit the moment by adding it directly from your iTunes library.

Choose the music.

Choose your friends.


Instantly your friends will receive the music that they can stream in-app on their iPhone from Soundcloud or Youtube.

Herd.fm then gives you an awesome recommendation based on what you’re sharing and what you’re listening to. Listen to 30 second previews from iTunes, full-songs through Soundcloud or Youtube, see when the artist is performing in your city with Songkick and so much more without ever leaving app.

Herd.fm now finally let's you see your musical influence mapped out on what we call a 'Trak Journey'. 

See where your music travels and who is listening around the world.


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