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Headset Button Controller is a small application that turns the button on a wired headset into a remote control for your music player. It is very configurable, allowing you to play music, answer phone calls, change tracks, adjust volume, redial last number, start Voice Command and many other things, just by clicking the button on your headset. Once you have configured Headset Button Controller with your preferences, you can simply forget about it - Headset Button Controller works in the background, without you needing to do anything. It is shipped with a default configuration, but you can change almost every action. It also interacts with some 3rd-party tools, such as Tasker. Headset Button Controller has been tested with a variety of different Android devices, music apps and headsets. We can't guarantee that it works with all of them, but as our reviews show, it works with the vast majority, and we are working to add support for others. It was originally designed for single-button headsets, but Android-specific 3-button headsets are now also supported. Default configuration for single-button headsets (center button for 3-button headsets): * Single press: play / pause (+ answer call / end call) * Double press: next track (+ decline call / mute microphone) * Triple press: previous track * Quadruple press: disabled * Long press: volume control * Headset plug in: disabled All of the above options are configurable to any of the following: * Play / pause * Next track * Previous track * Previous track (twice) * Voice command * Voice search * Redial last number * Launch app * Tasker task [1] Additionally the long press button is configurable to any of the following: * Volume control [2] * Rewind [3] * Fast forward [3] With a 3-button headset, volume control is also configurable with the left and right headset buttons. [1] If you have the Tasker app installed, you can specify any task - search for 'Tasker' in the Android Market to get more information [2] While the button is held down, the volume is initially reset to the minimum level (see below) and then raised until the button is released [3] Not every music player app supports rewind / fast forward You are able to choose the music app you want to control - Headset Button Controller will display a list of music players which you can select. --- Volume control features --- Headset Button Controller remembers the music volume when the headset is unplugged and restores it when the headset is plugged in again. You can also specify an absolute volume level. * Min volume limit: Start volume level of the 'volume control' command * Max volume limit: Ensures that the headset music volume never exceeds this limit (when headset gets plugged in or when changing volume via the headset button) --- Call features --- Headset Button Controller can be configured to automatically answer a ringing call if the headphone is plugged in. Apart from this you can control an active call with the headset button. * answer call / end call on single press * decline call / mute microphone on double press --- Notes --- * Headset Button Controller cannot support the separate volume control buttons on the iPhone headset - this is a limitation of the Android framework, rather than a limitation of Headset Button Controller itself. * Make sure that this app does not get stopped by a task killer. * Headset Button Controller is updated regularly, to add support for new features. Please check back to see what else we've added! We appreciate your feedback - please feel free to send comments or suggestions to kober.christoph[at]googlemail.com. =============== This is the trial version of Headset Button Controller. With this trial version you can try out this app works with your phone / music player correctly before buying. ===============

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