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Guess Your Songs, a music-based social gaming  platform that takes the idea of guessing a song from a short clip and moves it onto the big stage. Available on iOS, Facebook, and the Web, Guess Your Songs is  poised to become ubiquitous among music lovers by providing a game that is simple and fun, playable on many devices, and well integrated with the player’s music library and social network. And best of all, it’s free.

Timeless and addictive, Guess Your Songs tests a player’s music knowledge by pitting them against their iTunes library. In each round of Guess Your Songs, the player listens to a short song clip then selects an answer from one of three choices. Players can go up against their own iTunes library or branch out and play against the libraries of their Facebook friends and other Guess Your Songs community members.

“It’s a fun way to increase the difficulty of the game while discovering new music,” said Dave Schuman, Co-Founder of Guess Your Songs. “We really wanted to deliver an entertainment platform that combined the fun of a music quiz with the competitive nature of head-to-head and community challenges, all while making it easy to discover and obtain new music.” For every challenge the player gets right, they are rewarded with points and the ability to unlock achievement badges. At the end of each round, the player can listen to the song choices, buy the songs directly from iTunes or move on to the next round. In the future, players will have a chance to win free music when they influence song purchases made by other members of the Guess Your Songs community (through direct and public challenges).

Features of Guess Your Songs:

-    Available on iOS, Facebook and the Web [links below]

-    Play against your own iTunes library

-    Connect via Facebook to challenge friends

-    Extend the fun by playing song challenges posted by the community

-    Discover new music by playing public or head-to-head challenges

-    Win prizes and free music by influencing music purchases when you challenge others

-    Unlock engaging achievement badges

-    Perfect for parties, connects with your stereo or Apple TV via AirPlay

-    Makes family road trips more fun when you connect to your car audio

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Ad-free mode costs $1.99.
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