Grateful Dead - Europe ’72: Rock Prodigy


by The Way of H, Inc.


Publisher's Description

Jam with the 40th Anniversary of Grateful Dead's Europe 72 Tour
An official app of the Grateful Dead! With official Grateful Dead music

The Europe '72 App is like learning tunes straight from the Grateful Dead

You'll jam Grateful Dead tunes on your guitar just like you're playing a game

You'll be playing along to the master tracks within minutes: On the Easy level, you'll play the right notes at the right time, but just not all of them. 

You get a TON of FEATURES that make this the most fun way to learn Grateful Dead tunes, ever: 

- Slow-down speed without changing pitch 
- Looping – Automatically repeat a portion of a song or lesson for practice 
- Line-in can be enabled so you can hear your own guitar in the mix 
- Essential guitar FX 
- Chromatic Tuner with Alternative Tunings 
- Touch-screen time bar 
- Fast-forward and Rewind – Just swipe your finger 
- Auto-pause – Automatically pauses play until the correct note is detected 
- Auto-play – Automatically hits every note so you always hear the guitar track 
- Adjustable Guitar and Backing Track Volume 
- Advanced Polyphonic Pitch Detection – get scored on single notes and chords – this is the technology behind the scenes that lets you use ANY guitar 
- Authentic Grateful Dead Master Recordings - original master recordings so you know exactly how you are supposed to sound. Be inspired! 
- Immediate Performance Feedback – Just play and the Grateful Dead App listens to the notes and chords you play and tells you immediately how well you’re doing. 
- 4 Levels of Difficulty For Each Song – makes each song like a series of lessons in and of themselves 
- Game Center integration 
- Track your progress in the app 

This is designed to be the ultimate tool to learn Grateful Dead tunes on guitar. Get your guitar, get the Grateful Dead App, and get started. 

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