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by Sapien Mobile, LLC


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It's your music; play it however you want.

This simple app allows you to play your Google Music™ media in any music player. It's a companion to the Google Music app, which imports your cloud based music into your local device library so any music player can play it. The app finds your downloaded offline music files in Google Music's library and moves them to a shared location while preserving the ID3 tag information and artwork. You could find and move these files manually, but you will lose the ID3 tag information and artwork. This app preserves that information, allowing any music player to play the files correctly.

The app will also import your Google Music playlists and make them available to any music player too. Most music players will pick up the added playlists right away. It's a one way import though. If you make changes to the playlist outside of Google Music, the changes won't be reflected within Google Music.

*** NOTE: This app uses features of Google Music, which may not be available in your country. To use this app, you must have a Google Music account and have the Google Music app installed on your device. ***

Why you need this app: When you make your music available offline within the Google Music app, you are downloading and storing raw music files in a special folder on your device. The normal system media provider service within Android can't see the music files in this folder. That's why you don't normally see Google Music's offline library in any other music players you may have on your device. Even if the system media provider and other players could see the offline library files, the filenames are meaningless, and they don't have any ID3 tags. Other music players would not know what the song title is, what album it belongs to, what track number it is, who the artist is, etc., and there is no cover art. The files are just raw music. For all those reasons, other music players can't play those files properly.

This app gathers those meaningless music files, applies the proper ID3 tags and artwork, moves the files to the /Music folder on the sdcard, and updates the system media provider service. Then, all your imported music and playlists will be available to any music player installed on your device. You can even move the music to your computer and add it to your iTunes or Windows Media Player library.

If you're not completely satisfied, email us at the link below. We'll fix it, or refund your money.

Are you a music player developer or a PC/Mac syncing software developer? Want a near seamless interface to the Google Music cloud service? Why not integrate with us. We send out broadcast messages when the import is complete with the details of the imported files and playlists. Just implement a receiver for them so that your app can update itself and you're done. Contact us for details.

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