GoMusic for Google Music


by Sokolware LLC


Publisher's Description


The Music application features a seamless syncing with Google Music service.

Google Music is a new service that gives you instant access to your personal music collection on the web and your compatible iPhone devices without the hassle of wires or syncing.


Tested with 40 hours of non-stop play on 3G while on the background!!!


GoMusic Features:

+ HTTPS Secure communication between your phone and Google ONLY ( no third party servers)

+ Create/Delete Playlists

+ Add/Delete Song from playlists

+ Create Instant Mixes

+ Play music in background

+ Browse by Artist, Album, Song, Playlist, Geners

+ Keyword Search for Albums, Artists, Songs, Playlists+ Fast scroll

+ Offline music cache 

+ Manage your downloaded songs


- High definition artwork - Artwork and Song/album/artist names on locked screen (iOS 5 only)


NOTE: This application requires you to have Google Music account!. It will not allow you to sign in unless you can sign in to music.google.com. 


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