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Giggem is a matchmaking tool for all musicians and music industry professionals to meet and connect for improving their music career.


Either you are a band in need of members, a musician who wants to join a band or form one, or a music industry professional who wants to discover new talents to represent and sign; Giggem is the right place for you where you will automatically be matched with the most fitting users to find who you are looking for.


Once you create your profile and add your info related to your music career and background, we will instantly analyze your profile to give you the most fitting matches as suggestions. You never have to lose time and effort in advanced search boxes. Just complete your profile and tell us who you are, who you are looking for and we will match you with the most relevant results.


Bands can also create Online Auditions to evaluate musicians to join their band. Giggem's matching algorithms work just the same for matching Auditions with musicians automatically, so every musician suitable for an Audition on Giggem will be notified of that Audition to apply and participate. 


So don’t waste any time on classifieds and join the Ultimate Music Industry Matchmaking tool to find and connect with thousands of bands, musicians, labels, managers and songwriters, today!

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