by Chris Parker


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Fans of The Chemical Brothers remix their latest album - Further. The seventh studio installment in The Chemical Brother's career marks the release of Further, a remarkable journey that begins with transmissions beeping across a galaxy of soundscapes as the flow of each song thereafter propels you through oceanic and at times dizzying aural spheres. Not bad for two super star dj's who've achieved near super nova status. There is an over abundance of adjectives that can be used to describe the Brother's most conceptual body of sonic wizardry to date. But there are no words more inspired than the works featured on this App that were compiled from an assemblage of chemical devotees - Each piece carefully constructed, lovingly created and beyond all else, remarkable in their own right. FurtherRemixed is a fully fledged remix album of Further, not only putting a great new take on every track but compounding them together, creating a non-stop sonic experience not unlike the original. It also goes beyond the music with exclusive artwork, representing the Further era in both words and pictures. The audio tracks are streamed off the internet so Wi-Fi is recommended when listening to the remixes.

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