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What is flowd?

Follow your favorite artists!

Get up close and personal. Flowd brings the breaking news from some of the biggest music artists, with more artists joining every day! Check out the weekly featured artists and blog interview as well, to discover new music and talent you haven’t hear about!

Invite your friends!

Shout out your thoughts or send private messages to just your best friend. Be a poet and use text or an artist by adding pictures. All of this for free.

Share the best gigs, clubs and parties with your friends!

Flowd lets you mark your favorite spots on the map and tell your friends where the action is happening. Flowd also shows you the nearby gigs of your favorite artists!

Connect yourself!

Connect Flowd to Twitter and Facebook and you’ll be able to share your moves with friends outside of Flowd. Flowd makes it all so simple!



Flowd – The Music Lovers’ Social Network

Flowd is the perfect app to follow your favorite music acts! Flowd lets you chat directly to your favorite artists, find fellow fans, check into gigs and take part in promotions; get all the red-hot artist news as it breaks or simply discover new music acts!

Flowd also brings you fabulous messaging tools to connect with your friends, as well as location based features for checking into places, gigs and parties. Connect Flowd to Facebook and Twitter as well and it becomes the one stop shop for your social networking!


  • Artist pages & events: follow what's going on with your favorite music acts and talk with them directly!
  • Sync Flowd to Facebook and Twitter for easy management of your social networks
  • Places creation and check-in. Share your favorite spots with the world!
  • Public shouts and private messaging between Flowd friends
  • Take photos and send picture messages

If you are an artist, you can sign yourself into Flowd with an artist profile on: flowd.com/artist_registration

Download Flowd now for FREE and try it out!

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