Fingertapps Piano


by Fingertapps


Publisher's Description

Choose between the sound of a classic grand piano or an electric organ for your instrument. Pick from the nine songs provided. Follow the play along instructions which guide you through the parts of each tune. With a little practice, you’ll be sounding like a pro! For an extra challenge you can try and get three stars on every song.

-9 different Songs to play – from easy, medium and hard

-Realistic instrument sounds – like playing the real thing

-Play a Grand Piano or an Electric Organ

-Play along instructions help guide you through each song

-Compete with your family and friends for the best score on each song

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Purchase PriceMonthly
Mac $2.99 None
Must have OSX 10.7 or higher
Windows $2.99 None
Must have Windows 7 or 8

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