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A genre busting music label delivering whacked out electronic sonic ensembles. File Under Zero is a genre busting electronic music label delivering breaks, beats, electro, techno, ambient, dubstep, a crazy whacked out twisted sonic ensemble. This App downloads files to your phone, about 100Mb in total, so please use wi-fi unless you have an unlimited data plan for your phone. This app consists of three 4 track EP's featuring unrestricted electronic sounds to download straight to your device, immediate playback whenever you want, no streaming required. Top quality MP3 files, DRM free and ideal for mixing or DJ'ing :) Featuring 3 EP's and a total of 12 tracks, many exclusive to this release. If you like this release, try our other applications Techno, and Electro, no tracks repeated on any of the applications. Contact FileUnderZero.Com for more information, feedback and booking enquiries.

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