Extra001: Re<ords MAG


by Delaware


Publisher's Description


MAG is a Japanese Maga/Webzine dedicated to music, art, wordplay and way of living for new peolple and is also a catalog for Re<ords application. Records is a individual record label that just exists in iPhone/iPod Touch. MAG and Records was founded by design and music group Delaware in 2008/09.

. Just editorial design for iPhone/iPod Touch.

. Over 100 pages.

. Many original artworks. 

. Letter Slide: the feeling such as the four-cell comic.

. This and that about Re<ords.

. complete dicography.

. preview sounds & images.

. artist profile and interview.

. lyrics and product note.

. from here to AppStore of Re<ords page.

. Almost monthly update.



A Japanese super sonic group, designs music and musics design. Works take on multiple forms such as recordings, visual installation, writing, web, mobile phone, cross stitch, and live performance. They call ourselves "Artoonist" (Artoon means art + cartoon.)




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