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expressionPad is a new kind of midi/synth controller. Continuous multi-touch support means you can control pitch bend, dynamics, and modulation with each touch, even as you change notes. 


We've created a flexible and intuitive interface so you can focus on music. Watch our video and see for yourself!

Tune your expressionPad in fourths, fifths, or in guitar tunings such as standard or Open C.

expressionPad features a built-in polyphonic synthesizer so you can start making music right away. Experience the flexibility of polyphonic portamento -- an electronic music first!

Connect to your music studio via Wifi MIDI. With expressionPad and our free moxMidi tool enables you to control Reason, Ableton Live, Logic, Garage Band, and more!

expressionPad is rounded out with all sorts of little touches: Color your expressionPad like a piano, or color it by pitch. Enable or disable touch parameters. Adjust global pitch bend and base amplification.

We've worked hard to make a clean interface, a clear synthesizer, and lightning-fast MIDI response. Push your musical ideas to new limits with expressionPad.



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