EMusic (Android)


by eMusic


Publisher's Description


In form, eMusic's Android App is a free, easy-to-use music player for your Android that's like no other mobile player. That's because, at heart, it's a unique way for you to explore, download, and personalize music as you listen to it.


eMusic members can download music, listen to eMusic Radio, Save for Later, and access account details on the app. And anyone who downloads the free app can:

  • Listen to your MP3 files stored on your phone through our music player
  • Get song recommendations based on your listening habits
  • Create playlists tailored to your every mood
  • Read stories about artists while listening to your music
  • Access eMusic's unique charts
  • Search eMusic's catalog and listen to track samples

This is a beta version of the eMusic Android app. The app is optimized for Android v2.3.3 or newer, with 1GHz and 576MB RAM.


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Android $0.00 None
You can use this for free, but if you subscribe to eMusic, you can access full-length songs and the radio feature. Otherwise it's just an enhanced music player app.

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