Earplane Personal Edition


by KLMusic


Publisher's Description

Earplane Personal Edition contains 20 different types of tests with 200 different levels of difficulty, from easy to ridiculous. The tests are known from the web site http://earplane.com, but in this edition your hiscores are logged locally on your phone, so no internet access is required. The tests are grouped like this: Intervals: -Melodic -Harmonic -Harmonic > octave -If this is an F... -Intonation -Intonation (hard) Triads: -Harmonic -Harmonic OpenVoiced -Arpeggiated -If This is an F... 7th Chords: -Harmonic -Harmonic OpenVoiced -Arpeggiated -If This is an F... -What Melody Note? -What Bass Note? Modes: -Slow -Medium -Fast -In Thirds

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