The Droner


by Julien Bayle


Publisher's Description

Welcome to The Droner, experimental noise & drone station for iPad.
- You can listen to a sample I made myself with it here :
- Asteroid Anxiety artist made this album using ONLY this application:

In the help, you can see the routing schematics of the synthesizer.
Be careful, you don’t have a classic or a regular machine in your hands.
Indeed, it can produces very unique and strange sounds textures and you have to learn to handle it.

It contains a very strange multiple-tones generator and a noise unit.
Both are independent and are mixed to the sound output.
You can use one, or both at the same time.

You have to use it with earphones or to use a line input on your sound-system in order to render the best results.

You can record while playing with it.

The PCM file will be saved in the document folder of The Droner application on your iPad.

You use iTunes to manage the files in this folder to backup them on your computer, or remove them.

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