Droid DJ Lite


by Spartacus Rex


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For the DJs among us, this Android DJ App gives you full pitch controls, automatic pitch set, bpm counters and crossfading options to sync tracks between two visual mixing decks. Just load up a couple tracks and mix away.

Publisher's Description

Full pitch enabled, cross fading, twin mixing visual decks, with MP3 support.. -- Twin decks with pitch -- Visual Mixer -- Auto Pitch Set, BPM counter -- Compatible with Radio RIP! -- Much more.. Droid DJ comes with 4 different skins. Try out different skins, especially for large performance benefits. For the most responsive and fastest GUI choose the lowest RES. Trade beauty for speed and power.. Once Started press menu for options.. ** If you experience 'sporadic crashing' it is almost always due to a memory error. Use a Low-Res(faster) skin and this will fix it!! Lite restrictions : (For now - this may change..) In the banner supported Lite version you get all the features of the full, but the pitch control on the second deck is disabled.. The pitch control on the first deck works as expected.

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