Dr. Smith's Music Factory


by Inervit Co., Ltd.


Publisher's Description

Wow! Dr.Smith makes your music!

When you simply just hum, touch or shake, that makes awesome music!

You won’t be disappointed. Do you join us now?


- You can make various songs.

- You can listen to other user’s songs.

- You can send music gifts to your lover, friends, parents or baby.

- Lastly, you can feel happy because of our characters.


[What is Dr.Smith's MusicFactory ?]

It is a simple music application that creates music depending on your mood.

When you make and share your music, it sends music to your friends with multiple ways.

You can make your friends feel happy with this music application.


[Key features of Dr.Smith's MusicFactory]

- Select a mood: It has many moods depending on your mood or situation.

- Select a method: You can choice 3 methods about input style. (Voice / Touch / Shake)

- Compose music: You simply just input a melody in a short time, Dr.Smith composes your music.

- Edit: You can save, play, record your voice and delete.

- Send: You can send music to your friends with multiple ways (social network service, e-mail, mms), or use it for music gift with your voice.


Contact : http://www.facebook.com/drsmith.musicfactory. or dr.smith@inervit.com for any further questions or requests.

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