Don't Be Scared LP


by Immersive Album LTD.


Publisher's Description

Download DJ Vadim's Don’t Be Scared album App, with interactive audio, lyrics, artwork and videos for a revolutionary experience. Kick back and listen in passive, or tap, swipe and move on-screen 3-D graphics to swap beats and basslines, reveal new mixes and immerse yourself in the imagery, Instagram diary and sounds of this eclectic Hip-Hop pioneer.


During a career that is approaching its twentieth year, DJ Vadim has toured across more than 60 countries and performed over 2,500 times. He’s been nominated for Grammy and Sony awards and has worked with a variety of breaking talent and established artists, musicians, singers and groups, including: Wretch32, Foreign Beggars, Alice Russell, Aaron Jerome (SBTRKT), DJ Krush, The Herbaliser, Belleruche, Killa Kela, Fat Freddy’s Drop and The Super Furry Animals. He is an evolutionist in sound, described once as ‘the John Coltrane of Hip Hop,‘ always pushing boundaries, always collaborating.


His latest album ‘Don’t Be Scared’ is a journey across shorelines, forests and cities, reflecting the journey that Vadim made himself recording this album - from the mountains of New Zealand (recording with Fat Freddy’s Drop) to the beaches of Hawaii, the back streets of East London and the skyline of Hong Kong.


The current list of Immersive Tracks include:


1. Hide & Seek 

2. Lemon Haze 

3. This DJ 

4. Lost My Love 

5. I'm Feeling You 

6. Closed Eyes A & B sides

7. Vah Vaoh A & B sides


We will be updating this version of the LP to include the remaining tacks on the album over the coming months.

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