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DJ DEX turns your iPad into veritable DJ software solution that rivals features including in top professional DJ applications. Automatic BPM Sync, interactive beat-grid based waveform's (grab-spin-scratch), pitch/tempo control, scratching, quantized seamless looping, effects and more are candy for your fingertips.   DJ DEX supports mono split output, so you can easily monitor each deck in your headphones just like a traditional DJ setup.  Created by PCDJ with over 13 years of experience in designing DJ software for professionals, DJ DEX is not a game - See for yourself and take it for a spin! 


Key Features:

+ 2 DJ DECKS and a Mixer

+ Hands-on manual mixing or hands-free automation

+ Pitch/Tempo Control

+ BPM Snap-To-Beat Mixing

+ Seamless quantized looping

+ Automatic Beat-Grid based BPM detection

+ High-Quality effects (Break, Flanger, Echo)

+ Interactive waveforms that allow you to scratch, pitch bend, reverse play, backspin, etc

+ iPod library browsing and search

+ 3 hot cues can be set per deck, with cue-play

+ MotionPlaying™ - place your iPad on a turntable and scratch any song (requires an iOS device with a gyroscope - like iPad 2, the new iPad)

+ Many settings and built in help

+ Free updates!


DJ Controller Support:

+ Numark DJ2GO and Akai LPD8 controllers supported (no configuration needed, but you do need the iPad Camera Kit connector)


Maximize DJ DEX for performance:

+ Turn on “Flight Mode” when doing live mixes

+ If you need both speakers and headphones preview, use a special inexpensive “splitter” that splits the headphones output so that the left channel will go to the speakers (master output) and right channel will go to the headphones (monitor)

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