DJ Control


by Borce Trajkovski


Publisher's Description

First and only wireless DJ MIDI controller for your favorite computer DJing application. Exact emulation of Hercules's "DJ Console RMX" DJ MIDI controller functions by using MIDI over WiFi. Features: ? Multi-touch controls ? DJ seek/scratch wheels ? pitch/tempo sliders ? channel level sliders ? master volume control ? crossfader slider ? cue and play buttons ? beat lock, beat sync buttons ? PFL/cue select buttons ? effects on/off button ? MIDI over WiFi connection ? 5 case materials ? 7 jog wheel plates ? pad support This is not a player, it is a controller which requires computer with installed DJing program (like for eg: Traktor, Virtual DJ, Mixxx, UltraMixer etc). See "How to use" menu item in application.

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