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For those who want to flow between songs live, this is the app for you.

Director Media Player is custom designed for worship teams, small groups, dj's and bands who want to create song lists of audio or video files and play them back with artistic control moving from song to song, skipping songs, or ending early, all with smooth faded transitions that keep a great flow. Import songs from iTunes, your account, or free content from, put them in a playlist and you're ready to play audio and project video tracks in any setting.

Whether you are in an arena or your living room, Director Media Player is the best app for high quality audio and video presentation with maximum live flexibility. Best of all, any track you import is copied into the app so you never have to worry about deleting songs from your iTunes, or depending on wifi or streaming, your tracks are always with you.

Learn songs on your instrument or vocal part on from the Director band and vocal training series, and play along with matching files with the Director Media Player for a powerful combination.

Connect your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch to your TV, through Apple TV, and/or sound system from the dock connector through rca audio, composite, component, vga, or hdmi video for great playback of audio and/or video files from popular providers like Director media tracks,,, iWorship and many others allowing you to play song tracks and even project video lyrics all from your device. Load your own purchased or created content into your iTunes library or on to a account, instead of being restricted to what the app provider offers, now you have an unlimited library.

One of the challenges in presenting songs live is stopping songs early without the track cutting off, or going to the next song without the last song stopping abruptly or the next song fading in and cutting off the beginning. Instead of basic cross fades, Director Media player fades the last track and starts the next track immediately so you don’t cut off the last song or miss the beginning of the next song.

Director LITE is best for basic playback of stereo tracks.

The regular version is best for advanced users who use click/guide enhancement or split tracks and want specific left/right controls.

Director Media Player is a great alternative to Ableton Live for those who only use stereo Enhancement Tracks (ENH tracks). 




  • •Import songs from: 
  • -Your iTunes library
  • -WorshipTeam.TV (free content)
  • -Your own account (your content)
  • Play Audio or Video files onto your TV, projector, or through Apple TV (accepts most file types and converts them to m4a & m4v for smooth playback) (Apple TV playback quality and consistency highly depends on your wifi quality)
  • Change the order of songs
  • Large buttons for playback, stop, next 
  • Skip songs or go back in your list on the fly by pressing “PLAY THIS NEXT”
  • The “STOP” & “NEXT” buttons fade the previous track while starting the next song immediately without a fade in that can cut off the beginning of the song
  • Turn on or off the “PLAY ALL” to choose to play all the songs in your list without stopping or trigger each song individually with the “NEXT” button. 
  • The “PLAY” button allows you to replay the same song, the “NEXT” button stops and fades the previous song and begins the next selected song immediately
  • Turn on or off the “FADE LEFT” or “FADE RIGHT” feature for those who use split tracks with click/guides on the left side and tracks on the right side. (For click track users, turn off the “Fade left” feature so clicks don’t overlap between songs)

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